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Dentality @ Hoddesdon - Inhalation Sedation

There are various methods that can help you relax during your visit to the dentist. Two if these are different types of sedation including Inhalation sedation and intra venous sedation.

Inhalation sedation is a gas (happy gas) given via the nose which you breathe in. Because you have to breathe it in through your nose, it’s not suitable for people who have a cold or some other condition which prevents them from breathing through your nose.

Most people find it very useful as it will help them relax for dental treatment. There are no needles required, it works very quickly and the level of sedation can be adjusted according to your needs provided the dentist feels it is safe to do so. Once the treatment is finished and sedation is stopped, there is no hangover effect and you are safe to drive home.

It is a safe method of sedation which has very few side effects. Most patients are suitable for it however there are a few conditions that may mean it is not suitable for you.

Please ask your dentist at Dentality if you interested in inhalation sedation, they can then discuss this with you in more detail.