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Dentality @ Hoddesdon - Fillings


Fillings are used to repair a cavity in your tooth caused by decay or trauma and can be made of different materials which generally include Amalgam (silver-coloured) or Composite (tooth-coloured). If you need a dental filling or would like to have your tooth restored to its original form we provide a range of procedures that have been clinically proven for their long term results and superior properties.

Amalgam Fillings – Though this is one of the most commonly used restorative materials and has been for many years, many patients now decline the use of amalgam due to their mercury content as well as the fact that they can be seen when we talk or laugh. Having said this, amalgam is a strong and durable restorative material which is relatively inexpensive and lasts. With time, like all fillings, amalgam fillings can begin to leak as a result of wear and tear which may in turn require repair or replacement.

Composite Fillings - Many patients choose to have their fillings placed in white composite filling materials as they blend in well with natural teeth and cannot be seen in the mouth. With composite fillings, we are able to recreate the anatomy of a tooth with excellent function and aesthetics. Composite fillings are sculpted to recreate the original tooth shape using layering techniques to mimic natural tooth structure, shade and light reflection. Restoring a tooth with a composite filling often involves less reduction of the tooth for retention.

At Dentality we will discuss all your options and the type of filling most appropriate for your clinical (dental) needs.