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Dentality @ Hoddesdon - Teeth Whitening

Here at Dentality, we provide the latest in whitening techniques. Using the most sophisticated and reliable systems, we can ensure complete safety and amazing results. Teeth whitening treatments at Dentality offer you the complete experience from the moment you step into our clinic to the moment you leave.

We have a great reputation for achieving great results and currently offer two whitening systems from you to choose from. The first is our basic whitening system and the second, a comprehensive whitening system with guaranteed whitening or your money back!!

With your basic whitening system, you will be provided with custom made trays which you will be required to wear at home every night for approximately 2 weeks. A review appointment to assess the results is also included in the cost.

Our comprehensive whitening system offers deeper whitening and guarantees a B1 shade which is the lightest shade on a basic whitening scale. The effect of this whitening is longer than that of our basic whitening system. Included with this system is a set of custom made pressure formed whitening trays, 2 week’s supply of whitening gel and a final visit to see us for a 1 hour deep whitening session.

Have you got your own trays? Do you just need some top up whitening gel? Come and see us and we can provide the gel for you.