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Dentality @ Hoddesdon - Price List

IPL Hair Removal Price start from
Chin (15min) 40.00
Upper Lip (5min) 40.00
Side face (15min) 40.00
Half arm (30min) 45.00
Full arm (60min) 90.00
Half leg (30min) 60.00
Full leg (60min) 120.00
Half back (25min) 55.00
Full back (45min) 110.00
Chest (25min) 55.00
Bikin Line (20min) 50.00
Face (30min) 75.00
Chest (40min) 100.00
Back (30min) 120.00
Thread veins  
Please enquire within Prices start from 50.00
Skin Rejuvenation  
Hand (20min) 50.00
Face (30min) 75.00
Chest (40min) 100.00
Botulinium Toxin  
1 area (30min) 180.00
2 areas (30min) 240.00
3 areas (30min) 290.00
Dermal Fillers (60min)  
Please enquire within Prices start from 250.00

Please note all the prices above are guide prices. In some cases the price may go down or up depending on each individual case.

Before having any of the above treatments we request you book in for a 30min consultation with Dr Binita Kalaria (BM, MA, MRCP, MRCGP).

The consultation will include a review of your medical history, review of the treatment of your choice, discussion of risks and benefits of the treatment and the cost of treatment.

If you are happy to proceed, you may require a test patch prior to having the treatment. There is £25.00 charge for the consultation including the test patch. This will be deducted from the cost of your treatment.

If there are any treatments you would like to have but do not see it on our price list, please enquire within.